About me

A professional therapist with life-experience

About me

I am passionate about supporting others to manage and enjoy their lives – while navigating the obstacles that 21st Century living, ingrained behaviour patterns and emotional dysregulation throw in our way.

Alongside my therapy work I have worked in commercial organisations for over 25 years – I understand the pressure experienced at all stages of a career and the challenges that day-to-day life can pose. 

And I’ve learned it’s entirely human – anxiety is a natural response to any perceived threat. 

Like many people I have experienced bereavement, relationship turbulence and great love and happiness as well which together with my professional training, shapes my work as a therapist.

How to manage all these strains, not least when experiencing depressive and / or anxiety illness, can be learned when effectively supported.  

My initial training was as a Jungian and later in Transactional Analysis (TA). TA focuses specifically on how we communicate with our environment specifically in regards to how we think, feel and behave in response to any given situation.

I specialise in working with addictive behaviours, eating disorders, grief and loss, depression and depressive illness and anxiety, specific and generalised.

Clients come to me directly and / or are referred to me from private, commercial and clinical settings including practitioners working within The Priory Group and CharisseCooke.com as well as GPs and therapists from a variety of modalities.

“Stress and anxiety are a natural response to any perceived threat but with effective support these responses can be overcome.”

Caroline Copland Dip Couns (TA) MBACP NCS Accred.

Code of ethics

As an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)  United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA) and the National Counselling Society (NCS) I subscribe to these organisation’s codes of ethics for professional practice.

You will either step forward into growth or backwards into safety.

Abraham Maslow