Need to be a step ahead…?

Needing to be a step ahead and out-smarting others is exhausting but some of us feel unsafe unless we have ‘out-thought’ and are therefore ready to ‘out-maneouvre’ others.

The choices available to us are:
1. to be permanently exhausted, on high-alert, and on ‘maneouvre’
2. to feel permanently frightened and at risk from the world

Neither is conducive to our mental health or to a loving caring authentic relationship…

Burnout – the modern pandemic

“Stop, give up hope, keep the faith” – words spoken by Dr Dina Glouberman during her ‘Joy of Burnout’ workshop this week. I repeated them to a friend over a socially-distanced sandwich and she exclaimed “What do you mean? Without hope we have nothing.” Further musing ensued…

It’s okay, I’m the grown up, I’ve got this.

While training as a psychotherapist a colleague shared with me that whenever she had to write an assignment she used to stick a photo of her as a child on the frame of her computer screen. The idea is a powerful one and I have reflected on it many times when working with clients through anxiety. Often we feel the effects of anxiety without knowing what it’s about…