Counselling & Psychotherapy services

in London & Online

Professional support for those experiencing low mood, depression, anxiety and stress. As well as specific compulsive behaviours.  I work collaboratively with clients to change negative patterns and enable personal growth. 

Feeling stuck?

Most people at some point experience challenges or disruption that at times feels overwhelming. 

We don’t want to worry friends, family or colleagues and telling ourselves ‘we’re all in the same boat’ is unhelpful.

How can I help.

I work collaboratively with you to explore your feelings and patterns of response to difficult situations. My approach is person-centred and goal oriented.

Together we agree on the desired change, however big or small it may seem, and work towards a lasting difference and new way of thinking, feeling and behaving within any given environment.

What clients say…

A selection of comments from my NHS and private practices.

“Caroline just ‘got me’ from the beginning. It was like she knew how I really felt. It was also lovely to have some time out in a calm and comfortable environment”

CT – Nov 2019

“The actual counselling provided was outstanding although I felt the NHS provision should have been twelve weeks instead of six.”

VM – Feb 2020

“A fantastic and extremely able practitioner. Ultra-professional, understanding and easy to engage. It was a positive, healing and developmental experience.”

DJ – Feb 2020

My rooms are based in central London

I am also able to work confidentially online via Zoom.

Please contact me to discuss an initial session and I will respond within 24hrs.

Should circumstances or style not be quite right I am always happy to make recommendations from my wide network of counsellors and therapists.